Find a Pipe Leak Without Tearing Up the Yard

Find a Pipe Leak Without Tearing Up the YardIf a pipe or sewer line breaks in your home or yard it can cause extensive damage. When not caught early, the detection, repair, and clean-up process can be substantial and costly. To avoid these concerns, here are some tips to find a pipe leak early and hopefully, avoid having to tear up your yard.

Tips to Find a Pipe Leak Before Tearing Up the Yard

  • One of the most obvious ways to tell if you have a pipe leak is to evaluate the water in your home. Turn on sinks and showers and pay attention to the water pressure and flow. For water flow, you are evaluating the volume of water coming out, whereas water pressure is the strength of force pushing the water out of the faucet. If you notice a difference in either of these from your normal pressure or flow, you may have an issue.
  • Once you have evaluated your faucets indoors, take a step outside to gather more evidence. Because sewer pipes run underground, you may be able to notice if your yard has strange marks, unusual indentations, or areas of sunken grass. Because sewer leaks allow polluted water into your yard, you may also notice the smell of the water or sewer gas. Sewer line repair is an essential service for your health. If you can see or smell issues in your yard that weren’t there before, call our Brevard’s Best Plumbing company professionals quickly.
  • Leaks in your pipe system may be the result of several different issues from small pipe leaks that will only require a spot repair, issues with the pipe lining, to a pipe bursting. Consulting with a professional can help determine the extent of the issue.

The right solution for your yard is the one that gets you safe, healthy water as quickly and efficiently as possible. At Brevard’s Best Plumbing we are Leak Detection Specialist. Using special equipment we are able to identify the location of a leak quickly even when they are underground or in your walls. Contact us if you suspect a pipe leak. We will work to find and repair the leak without tearing up your yard.