7 Ways Your Pipes Are Telling You to Call a Plumber

Household plumbing problems are an occasional frustration for most homeowners. Whether you live in a newer or older home, it can be difficult to tell if you have a major or minor plumbing issue or even how to recognize one at all! Our skilled technicians can help you figure this out. To begin, here are seven ways your pipes are telling you to call a plumber.

7 Signs Your Pipes May Need a Plumber

  1. Poor Water Pressure or Inconsistent Temperature: A warning sign that you need a plumber is reduced water pressure or inconsistent temperature in sinks or showers that do not have the flow of water they used to or do not hold a consistent temperature.
  2. Drainage Problems: Another common plumbing issue is slow drainage problems, particularly in toilets or sinks. If you have noticed a consistently clogged or gurgling toilet or your sinks drain water slowly, you may need a plumber to fix this problem.
  3. Ceiling Damage and Repetitive Leaks: Leaky pipes can cause water damage to other parts of your home’s structure. If you have brown spots on your ceiling or repetitive leaks, they can cause major damage requiring more extensive pipe and structure repair.
  4. Mold: Similarly, if plumbing pipes are leaking water into a home undetected, it can result in mold growth. If you notice mold on walls or cabinets, you likely have a leak. This is a time to call a professional plumber right away.
  5. Noisy Pipes: If have noisy water pipes, you may have a plumbing problem. Older homes are prone to having loose pipes, air in water lines, or water pressure issues that cause noisy pipes.
  6. Smelly and/or Murky Water: A clean water supply is important for your health. Your water should be clear and free of contaminants or foul smells. If you notice a change in these conditions, a plumber can help determine the cause.
  7. Changes to Your Water Bill: You won’t notice this change in your home but you may notice it in your pocketbook. If your water bill has changed significantly without additional water usage, you may have a leak or other issue.

When your pipes start acting up, it’s important to respond immediately. By hiring a licensed plumber you can save money by repairing a small problem quickly, rather than facing a big issue further down the road. Contact Brevard’s Best Plumbers to fix your pipe issue today.