My Toilet Tank is Leaking…Now What?

The toilets in your home are probably not something you often think about. But, when a toilet leaks, damage can happen quickly and quietly, wasting gallons of water. No matter what difficulties you may be having with your toilet in Brevard County, we want to help answer the question, “My toilet tank is leaking…now what?”

What Causes a Toilet Leak?

Many issues can cause a toilet to leak, including:

  • A leak around the base of the toilet due to a failed spud washer or wax seal.

  • The rubber washers for the toilet bolts on the underside of the toilet are worn out. The washers for toilets are rubber to create a watertight seal. However, because they are in contact with water and minerals they will corrode over time and need to be replaced.

  • A toilet that is loosely attached to the floor

  • A faulty ball cock mechanism or toilet flapper impacts the water level and/or may cause water to trickle into the toilet bowl.

  • An old toilet tank can even crack and cause flooding.

So, What Do I Do About My Leaky Toilet Tank?

Our professional plumbers are available to help you with anything from common toilet problems and simple leaks to repiping your entire home. Whenever attempting a DIY repair it’s vital to use the correct tools. It’s also important to remember that tightening bolts too much could crack the porcelain structure. 

If you still want to attempt toilet repairs on your own, here are a few tips to repair toilet tank leaks.

  • Have a bucket to catch water, turn off the water supply valve to the toilet, and disconnect the water supply tube from the tank.

  • Replace the ball cock mechanism and/or toilet flapper under the tank lid using an adjustable wrench for the correct replacement.

  • If leaking is still occurring, try replacing the rubber washers for the bolts that attach the tank to the bowl.

  • The remaining options for leaks are to replace the spud washer that seals the bottom of the tank, the wax ring at the toilet base, or check the actual tank for cracks.

If none of these issues seem to be causing the leak or replacing these parts does not stop the leak or proves too difficult, please contact our professional plumbers for assistance!