10 Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains

10 Tips to Prevent Clogged DrainsHaving to deal with a clogged drain is a common household maintenance issue. Using caustic clog removers can damage your pipes and are a safety issue, especially if you have children in your home. However, there are ways to prevent clogged drains in your home that will eliminate hassles with them. Here are 10 tips that can help reduce the number of times you will need to deal with clogged drains.

  1. Use a drain grate or screen that will cover your drain to prevent soap scum and hair from getting into it.
  2. Never pour cooking grease down your drain. Instead, pour your cooled cooking grease into a disposable container and then throw it away in the trash.
  3. Do not pour coffee grinds down your drain. Sprinkle your used coffee grinds in your garden or flower beds because they make an excellent fertilizer.
  4. Speaking of gardens, cut down on putting items like egg shells, vegetable peels or fruit waste in your garbage disposal. Start a compost bin and create nutritious mulch for your garden.
  5. Teach your children not to put items, like toys, paper, dental floss or band-aids down drains.
  6. Whenever possible, wash your pets outdoors instead of in your bathtub or sink. If you must bathe your pet indoors, take time to cover the drain with a washcloth. You will catch your animal’s hair and prevent the drain from clogging.
  7. Cut down on the amount of your own hair going down the shower drain by brushing your hair before taking a shower. This will help reduce the amount of hair that will end up in the pipe.
  8. Rinse your sink with hot water every time you use it to prevent the buildup of oils or other debris that can catch on the interior surface of your drainpipe.
  9. Keep your drains cleaner and smelling fresher by dumping 1/2 a cup of baking soda into it and running hot water for a few minutes.
  10. Remove buildup in your drain by pouring a cup of vinegar down your drains and allowing it to sit for half an hour before pouring a kettle of hot water down to rinse buildup away.

It’s important to call a professional if you are unable to loosen a clogged drain easily. By being proactive and following these tips, you can prevent clogged drains in your home. Brevard’s Best Plumbing is available to unclog a drain as well as provide plumbing repair and general services. Review our list of services here and schedule your appointment today.