Repipe Your Space During Your Bathroom Remodel

Repipe Your Space During Your Bathroom RemodelRemodeling a bathroom is a huge job. There are so many cosmetic choices to consider like trendy new paint colors, new stylish lighting fixtures, and fashionable vanities. Homeowners also have dozens of tiles to consider, as well as whether they will add a tub and update other bathroom fixtures. Before any cosmetic remodeling begins though, an important first step is to make sure all bathroom pipes and plumbing systems are in stellar shape. Avoiding this step could lead to frustration and additional expenses down the road.

Four Reasons to Repipe During Your Bathroom Remodel

  1. A bathroom remodel often exposes the pipes, making it much easier and less time-consuming to have a replacement done as part of the bathroom remodel. The worst scenario would be completing your new bathroom wall tiles to have to only ruin it a short time later to fix a leak behind the wall.
  2. Repiping your home during remodeling prevents the chance of a pipe leaking behind a new wall or appliance and causing damage that requires drywall repair. Oftentimes homeowners are saving money in the long run by preventing future repair or leak.
  3. If you are at the point where you need a bathroom remodel, it’s probably safe to assume you have an older home that is in need of upgrades. Most homes built before 1970 used galvanized steel pipes instead of less corrosive copper, CPVC, or PEX pipes. When rust builds up in galvanized steel pipes it can cause damage because as sediment builds up it changes the water pressure and can cause corrosion and leaks. Pipe sizes vary and you may find that fittings aren’t matching up with old pipes and new fixtures.
  4. Replacing plumbing during a bathroom remodel also frees up the design process for the remodel. Keeping your bathroom’s existing pipes limit your options for rearranging the bathroom, as well as adding and putting fixtures in different locations. Repiping when remodeling opens up the process to more extensive re-design concepts.

How to Choose Who will Repipe During Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is a large undertaking with all the small details, processes, options, and decisions available to you. Having a working knowledge of what to expect and consider during the repiping work can make the difference between a nightmare ending in a bathroom that you settle for or a more pleasant experience that results in the room of your dreams. 

The most important question to ask a potential plumbing contractor is, “are you licensed, bonded and insured?” A licensed company has to pass extensive exams proving they are qualified to do the work. Licensed contractors also have to pass background checks and must be bonded and insured to maintain and keep their license. 

A company that has been in business for a longer period of time also should have reviews from customers. The longevity of the company tells you they are reliable and can help you to feel secure that they will still be around for years to come. 

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom contact Brevard’s Best Plumbing. Our licensed, bonded, and insured contractors will help you choose the best trends to include in your bathroom. We serve all of Brevard County, FL and provide free estimates.